Accept automated orders via text message for your coffee shop.

Using Natural Language Processing and AI, businesses can take orders without the need for any human intervention. Orders are automatically placed directly in your POS.
See it in action
8:36 am
large iced oat milk latte, small coffee with a little sugar
Order for The Bean Coffee. Reply "confirm" to charge your card ending 4132 or add more items.

1 x Latte - $4.25
- Large - Oat Milk

1 x Coffee - $3.00
- Sugar (light)

Total: $7.25
Got it! Your order will be ready for pickup in 7 minutes

Take orders easier than ever before, allowing for increased revenue and patronage

Complete with integrated sales and marketing tools which track performance, automate marketing, and handle support.

Connect your POS

We'll automatically pull in your menu and provision a new or existing phone number. Orders will flow directly into your POS.

Initial pull of menu items, prices, and time window

Make sure all your business's offerings and settings look good.

Our team will help you update you website

Add a banner to let customers know you can now take orders over text-message

Start taking orders

No training necessary for your staff. Orders appear in your POS as if they were placed in person.

How does Knead help your business?

More than just ordering, Knead provides a robust, all-in-one text message based marketing offering

Your customers, your orders

Our system is designed to give you direct, unfettered access to your customers. No middle-men or layers to worry about. Orders are seamlessly integrated into your point-of-sale, allowing you to oversee the entire journey of your food, from kitchen to mouth.

No apps or sign ups necessary

Say goodbye to the friction of ordering. With Knead, your customers can avoid expensive third-party apps and place orders with a simple text. No downloads necessary. It's the ultimate in convenience for both you and your patrons.

Cutting edge technology makes ordering easier and faster

Thanks to our advanced AI and NLP tools, our system is capable of understanding and processing even the most intricate orders. From coffee shops to florists, we have the ability to accommodate any order.

Simple Pricing

Flexible pricing for growing businesses: start small and pay less as your business expands with our scalable pricing model.

Monthly Order Volume
Your Cost
Knead is 100% free while in its beta period
$ 0
$ 1,000
$ 5,000
$ 20,000
$ 50,000

For people running great businesses

"Knead has been a game-changer for my pizza shop. It's increased customer loyalty and confusion at the counter, and the added convenience has helped us attract more customers. I highly recommend it to any business."

Dough Bros Pizza, Chicago, IL

“Knead has helped level the playing field for us. Our customers love the convenience, and it's made it easier for us to keep customers off expensive third-party apps."

Mixed Greens, Chicago, IL

“Taking orders at my Farmers Markets has never been easier. Customers simply send a text, and their order is paid and ready for pickup. Great frictionless way to take orders!"

Jonny Empanada, Chicago, IL

Ready to superpower your business?

Give your users a fast and easy way to order, while simultaenously saving your business money and increasing customer loyalty.

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